Welcome to Ferris High School Physics.
Patrick Daisley, teacher.
The purpose of this web site is to act as a connection between the students enrolled in physics at Joel E. Ferris High School and their parents to the teacher and the classroom.
  • First-Year class calendar
    Your first stop for homework or if you miss class. A calendar of recent past and future classroom
    activities. Includes links to current assignments and readings as well as selected answers.

  • AP Physics
    Resources for AP Physics, including test prep.

  • Second-Year Physics
    Class information for Second-Year Physics.

  • Daisley physics moodle
    Solutions to homework assignments, class resources and on-line class discussion forums.
    Contribute to and read on-line discussions about topics related to class activities. This is also the place for assignment solutions.

  • archive
    An archive of past and current class worksheets. They are in pdf format for easy downloading and printing.

  • links
    A list of links to other web sites that may be helpful or interesting to you.

  • course syllabus
    This page contains a brief outline for the course as well as information about grading,
    class expectations and style requirements for assignments and lab reports.

  • contacts
    Useful email addresses and telephone numbers to contact me and the school.

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